Clean and repair your upholstery with our full maintenance kit.

The Finyl Fix Upholstery Maintenance Kit includes the following products:  

Specially formulated to deep clean vinyl and prolong its life, Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Cleaner also works great on fabric, finished leather, stainless steel, finished wood, floors, carpet, counters, fiberglass, plastic, metal chrome, rubber, and most paint and washable surfaces. Cleans dirt, oil, rubber marks, grease, tar, ink and food soils. Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Cleaner does not contain phosphates or VOCs; biodegradable formula.

Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Protectant protects, preserves and beautifies vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, laminate, aluminum and chrome. It also guards against dry rot and cracking, and has a unique UV protection that prevents discoloration and the escape of the material's softening agents. Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Protectant does not contain harmful solvents or petroleum distillates. It will help prolong the life of the material and maintain a like-new appearance.

Spills and stains happen. Finyl Fix™ Graffiti & Stain Remover comes to the rescue by removing ink, marker, crayon, adhesive, spray paint, tar, grease, mastic, coffee and mustard stains from vinyl, carpets, and most hard surfaces. It works well on vinyl booths, restroom partitions, tile walls, metal doors, locker doors and carpet. 

Is there a hole or puncture in your upholstery? Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Repair Patch Kit is a quick fix for repairing tears and holes and protecting worn areas and corners in your upholstery. Patches are easy to peel and stick, and they are air tight and water tight. 

Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Liquid Repair works as a complementary bonding agent with the Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Repair Patch Kit. It's an effective solution for sealing cracks in vinyl and mending tears and holes.

If your vinyl seats are looking grimy, use the Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Brush to give them a deep cleaning. The Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Brush is made from natural Tampico bristles, and is non-abrasive. 

  • Microfiber Towel & Cleaning Cloth

The Microfiber Towel is for use with Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Protectant, and the Cleaning Cloth is for use with Finyl Fix™ Vinyl Cleaner. 

Looking to stitch up a hole or tear in your upholstery? The Finyl Fix™ Seam Stitch Repair Kit includes two curved needles, and two shades of commercial strength thread for use on vinyl, fabric, leather, and heavy canvas. 



  • • Custom-color aerosol dye
  • • Self-leveling table glides 
  • • Chair glides
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