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XL 32oz. Bottle Vinyl Protectant

XL 32oz. Bottle Vinyl Protectant

$29.95 each

  • Protects vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, laminate, aluminum, and chrome
  • Guards against dry rot and cracking, prolonging the life of your upholstery
  • Conditions the surface to restore life and resiliency
  • Guards against damage from dirt, dust, moisture and stains
  • Restore upholstery luster
  • Blocks out sun's harmful UV rays, preventing discoloration and dryness
  • No harmful solvents or petroleum distillates
  • Use on: vinyl upholstery, hot tub covers, plastic, finished wood, finished leather, laminate tables, rubber tires & molding, vinyl & rubber roofs, boat canopies, vinyl awnings, car dashboards, tonneau covers, aluminum, chrome & fiberglass
  • 32 oz. bottle with sprayer